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Old Bike Parts

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Old Bike Parts

Old bike parts! You need ‘em? Used frames, stems, hubs, saddles, tires, wheelsets, cranksets, grips, cogs, lockrings, pedals, cranks, chains, and pedals? Well, you sure are demanding. Anyway, here they are. All the old bike parts you could need for any project or repair, or for that matter, for any perverted ritual you can think of involving old bike parts. Because old bike parts are good for stuff like that. Oh, and for fixing bikes.

So anyhow. You think you’ve got what it takes to move from the fixed gear dilettantism of the casual commuter crowd, to the hard core Mr. or Ms. Fix-it of your dreams? Parts are where it’s at my friend, parts. It’s all about the parts. You need some old bike parts, and here they are.

If you’ve looked around here, you already know we’re pretty much fanatical about the possibilities of eBay, for parts, gear, accessories, and even complete bikes. There are many advantages: you decide how much you want to spend, you can restrict your search to fixed gear bikes for sale in your zip code or nearby if you don’t want it shipped, and the selection is huge. Plus you can use Paypal, so you’re not waiting around in the street while Johnny Craigslist fiddles around trying to get change for a 5 dollar bill just to sell you a 4 dollar part. Can you tell we’ve had some bad experiences out there? That’s why we love eBay for this stuff.

Anyway, time to take a look at the parts. See below. We’ve used some fancy code to show just the latest fixed gear bike parts, but this coding stuff doesn’t always work. To see everything (and customize the list) CLICK RIGHT HERE. As an alternative, you can try the Amazon search in the sidebar to the right. Yeah, they sell bike stuff too. you’d be surprised how much. And while you’re there, you can see if there are any more sequels to last year’s sequels to the popular books of 2002, which became the blockbuster movies of 2009. Doesn’t anyone have any new ideas these days?

Without further ado, enjoy these old bike parts.

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  1. Mary Bulman-Griggs Says:

    Looking for a fork for a Trek 560, from 1983.