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March 16, 2009. This post has 6 responses. Leave another.

Scattered around this site you’ll see thumbnails of some great photos of fixed-gear bikes from Japanese photographer ratfinkbiker, which he has kindly made available on Flickr with a Creative Commons License. His shots of the Japanese fixed-gear bike scene are amazing, and his use of lighting effects really captures the speed and motion of the bikers. We love his work, and thought it was worthy of our first fixed gear gallery. Check him out below (click on thumbnails for full-size).

The latest used fixed gear bicycle stuff (click here for more):

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6 Responses to “Fixed Gear Gallery”

  1. very nice photos, cool effects too, love the 17th photo because the bike wheels look like they are glowing…

  2. The Cycle rounds in a stage performanceis good.i wish u

  3. Very nice pictures. I am a fan of fixed gear bikes.

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  5. I’m seeing a LOT more fixed gear bikes around here. Example, I just went to a Matt and Kim show (they suck btw) and there had to be at least 10 fixies parked outside.

  6. Very awesome! I love how there is now a whole subculture dedicated to fixie bikes.