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Fixed Gear Bikes for Sale

OK, so you’re not so great with tools, and you don’t want to spend all day chasing down anonymous Craigslist posters. All you want is a decent list of solid fixed gear bikes for sale.

Well, here you go – this list is updated in real time, so jump on it.

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Fixed Gear Gallery

Fixed-gear BikesScattered around this site you’ll see thumbnails of some great photos of fixed-gear bikes from Japanese photographer ratfinkbiker.

We love his work, and thought it was worthy of our fixed gear gallery.

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Fixed Gear Haters

Fixed-gear BikesNobody wants their favorite obsession to go mainstream, but it’s still kind of cool when what you’re into gets some attention.

Unfortunately for the subculture of fixed-gear bikes, that usually means fixed gear haters.

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Fixed Gear Blogs

Fixed-gear BikesFixed-gear blogs have been popping up like mushrooms. Here are a few we like, from all over the world.

Put your blog (or your favorites) in the comments and maybe we’ll put ‘em here too. If they’re about fixed-gear bikes. Get it?

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Fixie Tricks Video

Fixed-gear BikesIf your friends ask you why you love fixed-gear bikes, try showing them some of this fixie tricks video. If they still don’t get it…uh, why are they your friends again?

Check out some incredible moves (and some great music) as these fixed-gear bicycles are used for purposes that were never intended by the manufacturers…

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Fixed Gear Bikes 101

Fixed-gear Bikes 101In the last few years a whole community has grown up from the grass roots, spreading the gospel of fixed-gear bikes. It’s even been called a movement.

Why the obsession with these bikes? Looks like it’s time for Fixed Gear Bikes 101.

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If you're looking for fixed-gear bikes, you may keep seeing crap about how you shouldn't be riding them on the road and you'll probably kill yourself with those things. You won't see that here. We've got info, reviews, fixed-gear bikes for sale, parts, equipment, videos and more, so go ahead and look. Even if you came here via search for "fix gear bikes" as many people seem to...we'll set you straight. Looking for a fixed gear bike for sale? It's here too.

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